Saturday, 16 August 2014

The battle to get ready to go out

Why am I writing this blog.. I guess to offload my thoughts of my everyday life and make sure I'm not going crazy. It's not easy to be a mum (no shit), it is so much harder than I thought it would be. As much as I have always wanted kids, sometimes I wonder if I had of put off having kids until later how different my life would be.

 When you become a mum, your life is no longer your own... Which you don't understand until you have kids.You have this being that is totally dependent on you for everything, your world no longer  revolves just around you, or your partner. Your life goes from uncomplicated and easy decisions, to complicated and weighing the pros and cons of everything you do.

Like the other day, my friend wanted to catch up for coffee, that would be a easy yes before kids. Not anymore.

You have a multitude of decisions to make:

1. Can I afford to go ( Don't laugh, the cost of living has risen and when you add a child to that, it    triples and on only one income, you buy what you need and not what you want or feel like).

2. Can I be bothered to go ( the hassle of getting myself and my kids ready, packing the nappy bag, etc. But if I don't go then maybe, just maybe I can sleep or tidy up or have some me time, which is sparse and almost non existent).

3. Are your kids in the mood ( if there sick definitely not or if they are sleeping, you want them to stay that way... Considering how long it takes to get them to sleep).

4. Where are you going? ( some places don't like kids, some places aren't pram friendly and you have to consider if they have the facilities for a baby e.g. Change table, microwave, etc).

After you have decided whether your going or not, it's a battle to get yourself and your kids ready... It's like at that exact point of time they want your attention, or their suddenly hungry, or they've pooped or made a mess of them selves.. What used to take 15-30 mins to get ready is now an hr or more.

 Il always miss how easy things were before but I know I wouldn't change a thing because I would miss my kids more.

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